When cat makes love

  When cat makes love

Does cats feel love ? This question asked by a lot of people, owners have wondered, Yes cat make love cats feel love quite strongly for their owners.


when cat makes love when cat makes love


  1. – How does a cat make love ?
  2. – What do cats do when they love you ?
  3. – How do cats do when they love you ?
  4. – How do you tell if your cat actually loves you ?
  5. – How do cats make out ?

.1. signs that prove your cat loves you

there are many videos and articles that prove how a cat show love to the owner. But I am personally agree with with Mikel Delgado, he is an expert on cat behavior. so published many articles about how cat makes love or in the others words how cat prove and exchange love with owner ?
Mikel Delgado confirmed that cat can indeed feel affection for human, he said that :

   cats can have a lot of the same emotions that we do, including liking to be around us and enjoying our presence .

Mikel believes that cats are able to enjoy relationships with us even loving us. Cat prove love with human with drive pleasure safety and comfort from their relationships with human. So cat are able to express their happiness with owner in different ways.


cats seem like people because they are some cats are more affectionate than others. For example, when a cat in insist to stay with you in the same room, here the cat is trying to express love to you, however, there some cats sitting on your chest and purring in your face, here the cat is showing affection to you in different way. There are many interpreting cat behaviors; no matter which kind of behaviors, but the most important is that cat is showing love to you.

 Here some sings that you can observe on your cat :

 cat comes into your bedroom while you are sleeping.

  1. cat blinks their eyes slowly. 
  2. cat makes the right kind of meow.
  3. cat shows it belly.
  4. cat show it tail.
  5. cat in some case trait you as like you are a cat

-2 when cats show love.

To see all these behaviors we mentioned above, cats needs some conditions to show love to you. Many people assume that cats need a comfortable environment. Delgado mentioned that people must behave good and respect cat in order to show love exchange between them.


Cats take a long time to build trust. Cat are trusting just people who are taking care for them. the owner must behave nicely and carefully with their cats. This trust is come after living together in the same home. 
Playing with cat is the fastest way to build this trust between the owners and their cat, this trust will change to  love after short time. so this is the way that you will make your cat to love.
In addition, when you respect your cat and behave so good with it, playing with it, respect its limits, all these conditions make the cat to love you.



Generally speaking, Cats and dogs are so beautiful creatures. Cat makes love only with people who respect and behave good with this beautiful pet. Exchange love between the owners and their cats is skills that owners lust learn. these skills will make cat loves you., So be sure to learn these skill. If your cat is loving you keep doing great job.

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