Things your cat is saying to you


Things your cat is saying to you
Things your cat is saying to you


Things your cat is saying to you


In  this article we are going to help you to understand your cat more. The majority of people are still confusing understand their cats. Each behavior is a sings from your cat to you. In article you will find a video took from Youtube I think is useful and there are some comments that people share with us in this website. As well as we get many questions and topics that we are going to answer to all of them soon as possible.

Here the most comments  

My cat used to bite me when I ate pasta in front of him, specifically fettuccine alfredo… I guess he just really disliked Italian

I just got my self a cat yesterday and she’s already getting along with me. Wish me luck for ahead of time

When my fiance first moved in with me, my cat pissed on her pillow, took a dump in her purse, then nestled up in a laundry basket of my clothes. Daddy’s girl!

when my cat goes on her back, i rub her belly and she loves it she’ll close her eyes and purr but she’s 5months old so maybe it’s just her age or she just trusts me enough.


My cat actually wags his tail when he’s excited. He’s like a dog, he even listens when i say sit ahaha. I’ve never seen his tail straight up or curved. He waves it smoothly and slowly back and forth, and sometimes swings it around at my legs while he’s purring and head butting.

I need to take cat behavior 101. We’ve always been a dog family and I need to see more videos like this one. Thanks for all you do!.

Dude, my cat loves his belly rubbed for a few seconds after exposing to me. Then hes done, and I go to behind ears and under chin.

Ever since I got my cat he has always loved getting belly rubs, two out of the three cats we have love belly rubs.

Both our cats allow belly petting and I cam give then kisses of their bellies. Our cats were rescued as kittens during Winter a few years ago. Loving cats.


Here a video took from youtube





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