6 things make your cat happy

6 things make your cat happy


6 things make your cat happy infodogcats 6things make your cat happy infodogcats


Cats become a very important creatures on our life, each house you can find a cat. People become more familiar with this beautiful pet. That make a lot of people ask these questions 

what do cats do when they are happy ?
how do I keep my cat indoor cat happy ?
what are the 10 needs of cat ?
How do I keep my cat happy and healthy ?

In this Article we will try to give in hand many things you can do to make you cat happy. We received many messages about this subject, and many people asked us about how to make cat happy. 

Actually when you are trying to find some ideas about how tm make your cat happy, you will find a lot of answers,  But here we are going to share with you some experiences that people share with us. We are going to share with you things that really really will make your cat happy and sure you see your cat feels happy sure you like it more and you will try to keep it happy.

1- understand your cat

We can not deny that cats are so smart pet, so when you train with them; they feel so happy and like you more. Cats are mental and physical stimulation are so great for felines.

Elina said that when I taught my cat how to sit, I discover that my cat fell happy and she likes to learn new things. and the most important things Elina’s cat love more is when I throw a ball and the cat run fast to catch up the ball. I can see happiness in the eyes of the cats. that why I advice people to paly with their pets especially cats.

-2 Provide prey Toys.

 Mark said that : I think that provide a toy to your cat is similar when you buy a toy to your son or daughters. Mark said that I bought a small toy to my cat I was very excited when I see my cat enjoying with the toy I bought. The toy change my cat from boring and sad cat to an active and happy cat. she plays with the toy everywhere at home as well as I feel that the cat feeling so happy when someone sharing with her the toy. cat accepting people easily. I am also advice people to buy toys to their cats. and sure they will how their pet feel happy. 

-3 Consider another Cat.

Zoology, assume that Cats are social animals, cats accepting living in group more that to live individually. That why many people consider another cat at home, this will make both of them happy. Susan from Canada sent as a very funny stories about her cats. she said she tow years ago she provide a cat at home, she was trying hard to make her happy. but unfortunately she was not able to see her cat happy. so that makes her made more investigation about her cat. she discover that her cat was living with a cat in one house and they feel in love, but the owner died each one take a cat that made Susan’s cat separated with the cat she loves.

Susan worked hard and took a lot of time to find who took another cat. after long time she found it but the owner refused to give the cat to Susan easily. Susan said one day took my cat with to try to convince the person to give her the cat. Susan said when her cat saw the other cat both of them were happy. when the man saw this beautiful reaction he decided to give me the cat. Susan said that my cat is very happy and both of them are spending a wonderful time. Susan advice people to provide other cats in one home that help both of them to be happy.

-4 Scratch the surface

Cat scratching is a behavior that makes cat feel good. So it’s very important to give a place or something to your cat to stretch, otherwise your cat will scratching your sofa, tables and walls, Your can finds these tools online like Amazon, ebay and Tfmorocco.



these tools will help your cat to feel good and you will void scratching your stuffs. You will discover how these toys will make your cat feel more and active cat.  

-5 Serve Your cat

If you have a cat in your home it seems like you have a boos or king in your home, to make your cat happy you must to serve it. consider your cat like a king and be your best to make it happy. you have provide food, water and give a bath to your cat. making a cat feel happy needs some skills and these skills needs patient. providing all these services to your cat makes it happy and your cat will be happy and sur it will love you more.

-6 Go outside with your cat.


 Sometimes you go outside just to walk or for making sport, or maybe for breathing fresh air. Your cat needs this as well. your cat will be happy when you give opportunity to see outside, cat like outside more than being for a long time at home. John shared with us his story about this topic. John has a cat, he said his cat was so happy with him in the beginning, but he discover that his cat became sad when John when to leave home for work, John said he could see tiers in the eyes of his cat. John asked a friend for that what he could do make his cat happy. 



a friend suggested to go outside with the cat. john said when I open the outside door for his cat he said that the cat was so happy she is jumping and doing crazy thing lol. So if you have a cat you should go out side with your cat. 


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